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Thursday, February 01, 2018

MONTHLY open workout PASS 
 The affordable way to get your child into the gym with the added flexibility
of choosing the days and times that work for you.

  Pay $69.99 / month per child
and come an unlimited amount of
time to our
Open Workout Program®:
Yes, you can come as many times
   as you want to every:
       every Friday   -   7 - 10pm / Agoura Hills
 This program is ideal for ages 6-15.


 Come for gymnastics, tumbling, stunting, or just play on the trampoline and in the pit, either way, our staff will be ready and waiting!

 This MONTHLY PASS is a great value and practically pays for itself....
 Sorry, this program can't be discounted further and no other discount or special offer can be applied.