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(818) 889-3634

5331 Derry Avenue, Suite H-C, Agoura Hills CA 91301

Application for Employment 

(Pre-Employment Questionnaire) (An Equal Opportunity Employer)

Full Legal Name:

Preferred Name:

Phone Number:


Have you ever served in the military? If so, what branch and dates of service?

Are you eligible to work in the U.S.?

Degrees achieved & from what institution(s), specialties/majors:

Job History / Skills acquired: 

Please list any previous coaching / floor leadership experience, what are the different ages and skill levels you have worked with?

How did you find Monarchs? Were you referred by an employee? How did you hear about the position?

Are you able to commute to our locations in a reasonable amount of time?

Would you be interested in working in the office?

Are you able to lift and carry up to 40 lbs.?

Personal References: 

List the name of three people not related to you, whom you have known at least one year. Letters of recommendation are also appreciated. 


Phone Number


Years Acquainted




Please list the days and times you are available to work:

Desired minimum number of hours per week:

Desired maximum number of hours per week:








Monarchs Mission Statement:

Our mission at Monarchs is to cultivate a foundation of physical activity for the next generation through body awareness and proper technique while developing a love for fitness and community from childhood. "Gymnastics is power through motion" - Yelena Urusova

Six Fundamental Characteristics of Commitment to Providing Excellent Service: 

1. To provide the highest quality of gymnastics instruction to children of all ages and skill levels. 

2. To provide a fun and dynamic environment for children to stay active while building friendships. 

3. To provide quality instruction and proper technique for street sports, Xtreme and Cross Training. 

4. To provide a basis for cheerleaders through stunting, motions, dance, and tumbling instruction. 

5. To provide programs fo value-added quality that are fun, convenient and hassle free. 

6. To provide strong customer service and an ongoing commitment to excellence. 

Do you feel you possess attributes that are in line with the Six Fundamental Characteristics of Monarchs' Commitment To Providing Excellent Service?  If yes, please explain in detail: 

To the best of your ability, please match each body position with the corresponding picture: 

(This is only for Monarchs to determine appropriate training for you)

1. Straight / Stretch 

2. Tuck

3. Squat

4. Straddle

5. Pike

6. Hollow

7. Handstand

8. Candlestick

9. Bridge

10. Split Leap

11. Front Support

Split Leap.png
Coordination V2.jpg

To the best of your ability, answer the following math problems:

1.      An 8 week gymnastics class enrollment costs $180.00

         A 2nd class enrollment receives an $50.00 discount

Each online enrollment receives an additional $10.00 discount

How much will the customer pay is they sign up for two classes online? 


2.      An 8 week gymnastics class enrollment costs $180.00

         A person enrolling for only 6 weeks, gets prorated, and only pays for the classes they attend. 

How much does 6 weeks cost, when 8 weeks cost $180.00?



A parent comes to the window and complains that their child is not receiving instruction to the parents' desired standard. How do you react?

To the parent?

To the coach?

What solutions could you provide to the parent to make them happy?


I, the undersigned name below, have applied for employment with Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center. I understand that in order for Monarchs Gymnastics National Training Center to determine my eligibility, qualifications and suitability for employment, Monarchs National Training Center will conduct a background investigation if I am considered for an offer of employment. I hereby give my consent for any employer or educational institution to release any information requested in connection with this background investigation. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, I understand that I have a right to see most education records that are maintained by any educational institution. I waive                  / do not waive               (initials in one only) my rights to see any written reference or other information provided to Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center by any educational institution. 


I understand that the employment relationship at Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center is "at will", meaning that it may be terminated at any time with or without notice and with or without cause. I also understand that no other statement, made orally or in writing, may change this at will relationship unless expressly stated in a document signed by both myself and the President of Monarchs National Training Center stating that the "at will" relationship has been modified. I agree that, in applying for a position at Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center, I am willing to accept employment based on these terms. 

Signature (please enter your full legal name):

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